Friday-Saturday, April 11-12, 2014
  Columbus State Community College
Columbus, Ohio


·       Global Education at Columbus State CC

·       How to Develop a Global Studies Program

·       Organizing Study Abroad programs

·       Developing International Services Programs

·       Globalize the Curriculum with Digital Content

·       Program Opportunities in China

·       Infusing Environmental Issues in Core Courses

·       Overseas Development Projects
·       Curriculum Infusion on Middle East & Central Asia

·       Global Trade and Finance Issues

·       Global Exchanges and Interactions Networks

·       International Peace and Conflict Resolution

·       Languages and Intercultural Communication

·       Global Poverty and Inequality

·       Global Healthcare Projects and Issues

·       Internationalization of Vocational-Technical programs

·       Models and Approaches to International Degrees

·       Electronic Resources and Global Education

·       International Students and Two-Year Colleges

· Global Business and Industry Partnerships
·Collaboration with International Centers of Four-Year Universities
·Global Stewartship and Sustainability Projects    
·Global Competences and Globalized Curriculum

For information on Lodging, Transportation, Registration and  Programming, please contact Theo Sypris at: tsypris@kvcc.edu